David Silvera-Tawil

david_square_v02I am a Research Fellow at the Creative Robotics Lab, UNSW Art & Design. I am a robotics engineer particularly interested in the areas of human-robot interaction, social robotics and socially assistive robotics. In particular, I have a strong background in tactile sensing and artificial skin for robotic application. I am currently working in a number of projects aimed to improve the understanding of human behaviour in a social human-robot interaction context. In this vein, I collaborate with the University of Hertfordshire to investigate whether interacting and communicating with robots would help autistic children to interact and communicate more easily with people. Some of my previous work involved interactive interfaces, remote laboratories for distance learning, artificial robotic ‘skin’ and touch interpretation in human-robot interaction.

E. d.silverat@unsw.edu.au
W. www.sites.google.com/site/silveratawil/home


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