Samantha Allen

samantha_square_v02Samantha is a Research Assistant in the School of Psychology at UNSW, working alongside Chris and Jacqueline in the Neuropsychology Laboratory. She is currently working on a series of projects aimed at discovering ways to identify and remediate emotional dysregulation, which occurs in a number of clinical populations such as in severe traumatic brain injury and in autism spectrum disorders. Continue reading “Samantha Allen”

Lidan Zheng

lidan_square_v02My name is Lidan and I’m a PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales. I have a background in psychology from the Australian National University. My current research is looking at what kinds of factors lead to good outcomes over time for autistic children. Possible factors that I’m looking into include the influences of early intervention, brain structure and function and various social, adaptive and coping skills. Continue reading “Lidan Zheng”

Christopher Sufani

christopher_square_v02Chris is a PhD student at the School of Psychology at UNSW who is training to be an Early Start Denver Model therapist for children in autism spectrum conditions. In previous years, he has collaborated with families and teachers to implement early teaching programs at home and preschool/daycare settings. Chris is interested in human development and understanding social communication across the lifespan. Continue reading “Christopher Sufani”

Jacqueline Rushby

jacqueline_square_v02Dr Jacqueline Rushby is a Research Fellow in the School of Psychology, and Lecturer for the Bachelor of Neuroscience honours course, at the University of New South Wales. Jacqueline’s current research projects examine psychophysiological processes underpinning arousal during resting and active states, in order to inform our understanding about how and why arousal to emotional events is dysregulated in many clinical conditions Continue reading “Jacqueline Rushby”

Amanda Mazzoni

Amanda Mazzoni

My name is Amanda, I am a current PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales and I am interested in exploring what new connections Autistic children are making in the brain during therapy, and how this compares to brain activity of children attending a main stream preschool. This will form the basis of my research and deepen our understanding of the impacts of therapy for autistic children. Continue reading “Amanda Mazzoni”